When does it get easier?

I know it’s been only 13 days since I said goodbye to my best friend and rock.

Every day I try to do something to honor him but every day I end up in a pool of tears.  Buddy was a rock during some tough times and I miss his daily presence in my life.

If anyone has self-help advice, I’d really appreciate it.



Buddy Has His Angel Wings

Our sweet boy earned his angel wings yesterday. He was the light of my life. Heartbroken but grateful for every second We had with him. Such a brave/strong soul. Born on the streets of Naples – he was a rags to riches story and he brought so much joy to us. I will miss you every day for the rest of my life.
Run free my sweet sweet Buddy. I love you!

Thank you so much to our Tripawds family for the support over the past 6+ months.  Buddy truly had great quality of life post amputation.  It was our wonderful Tripawds community that helped us through many difficult decisions.

I will forever be a part of this loving family!


Julie and Angel Buddy



5 Months a TRIPAWD!!


Wow, we made it to the 5 month mark!  Yep, today is Buddy’s 5 month Ampuversary!!  The road was bumpy and rocky for a while , but here we are.  I was told that Buddy would only live a couple more months when we stopped Chemo but Buddy didn’t seem to hear that same message and THANK GOD!

Buddy is surviving and thriving. Osteosarcoma is no match for him.  We are taking it one day at a time and our quality of life is FANTASTIC.  We spent this past weekend with friends at the Beach for Easter and Buddy had a WONDERFUL time.  He was so happy!! He ran around like a maniac chasing seagulls then sat on the beach and howled – and did a lot of rolling around on the sand.  That is my happy pup!!

I have followed his lead – Buddy has been an excellent teacher!!! Thank you Sally for your wise words, they really changed our lives!

I really cannot thank TRIPAWD Nation enough for the love and support that Buddy and I found in you. You have made a world of difference in our lives! See you next month!

Love Julie and Buddy


Howling @ Rehobeth Beach
Howling @ Rehobeth Beach

We had a scare!

Oh my goodness!

Buddy started favoring his hind leg (he’a a rear amp).  It got worse over the next day or so.   Of course my mind went to the worst care scenario.  Fast-forward – vet thinks it’s a muscle strain.  No evidence of tumor on Xray and he did run around like a maniac during our most recent snow storm.

We are Rimadyl and I bought huge area rugs to cover all of my hard wood so he doesn’t slip.  We are gonna take it easy for a week or soon.  Just potty breaks and relaxing.

I guess the worrying never stops!

Here’s my boy enjoying the snow.
The second pic is him saying “Mom, why are you crying?  I’m fine”  Oh this journey is full of ups and downs.  Buddy is so brave.  He loves his oncologist and all the staff.

Anyone else have problems with the remaining hind leg?  I started him on Glucosamine but he wouldn’t take it.  We are going to re-visit that.  Any advice is appreciated.

4Ever grateful for this community

Julie and Buddy



3 Month Ampuversary!!!

Hello Tripawds Family,

Buddy had his 3 month Ampuversary yesterday and he is doing great!!  Loving life, enjoying walks and hanging out with friends.

We survived the Blizzard aka Snowzilla 2016!  Buddy did great, even on three legs.  Never fell once!!!  And he still LOVES the snow!  3 feet is a bit much though!!!


Julie and Buddy