Buddy’s Chariot Will Ride On!

My heart is overflowing.  I had hoped to get Buddy’s cart to another Tripawd but the shipping cost was anywhere between $200-$400 — can you believe that?  Sorry Christine!!!

Sally hooked me up with “Live Love Hop” and low and behold I found a local taker.  Janet Lynn Jones who is a staunch volunteer for the Mia Foundation has a BiPawd.  A BIPAWD!!  Can you believe that!  Miguel was a rescue from the Dominican Republic.  He was to be euthanized but the Mia Foundation supported getting him here and Janet became a foster fail (one of many….she has like 6 dogs, 2 cats, 4 goats!).

Needless to say, I dropped off the chariot yesterday and I can’t think of a better way to honor Buddy.  The cart will be used to her her pups to fundraisers and various community events.  I had the pleasure of meeting Janet, Miguel, Itty-Bitty and Paco yesterday.  My heart hasn’t been this happy in a long time and I know that in some way my sweet Buddy’s memory will live on.

Once again, Thank you TriPawd Nation, you mean the world to me!  I’m a furever member!!

Below pics of the Chariot before and now!!



When does it get easier?

I know it’s been only 13 days since I said goodbye to my best friend and rock.

Every day I try to do something to honor him but every day I end up in a pool of tears.  Buddy was a rock during some tough times and I miss his daily presence in my life.

If anyone has self-help advice, I’d really appreciate it.