5 Months a TRIPAWD!!


Wow, we made it to the 5 month mark!  Yep, today is Buddy’s 5 month Ampuversary!!  The road was bumpy and rocky for a while , but here we are.  I was told that Buddy would only live a couple more months when we stopped Chemo but Buddy didn’t seem to hear that same message and THANK GOD!

Buddy is surviving and thriving. Osteosarcoma is no match for him.  We are taking it one day at a time and our quality of life is FANTASTIC.  We spent this past weekend with friends at the Beach for Easter and Buddy had a WONDERFUL time.  He was so happy!! He ran around like a maniac chasing seagulls then sat on the beach and howled – and did a lot of rolling around on the sand.  That is my happy pup!!

I have followed his lead – Buddy has been an excellent teacher!!! Thank you Sally for your wise words, they really changed our lives!

I really cannot thank TRIPAWD Nation enough for the love and support that Buddy and I found in you. You have made a world of difference in our lives! See you next month!

Love Julie and Buddy


Howling @ Rehobeth Beach
Howling @ Rehobeth Beach