Buddy’s Chariot

Buddy loves his chariot or his “go-cart,” as I call it.

It has done wonders for his morale!!!!  He used to love long walks/runs but now we have to pace ourselves.  The go-cart allows us to do just that and he gets to hang out with his pack-mates.  I can tell when he gets tired and I just tell him “get into your cart” and in he goes!!!

We walk as far as he can, then I have him rest in his cart.  On long walks, we always take a break in one of the parks near our house and he gets out and rolls around in the grass like a puppy!

We hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving ~ We certainly have much to be thankful for!!



Buddy and Julie




Today was a good day!

Trapawds Family,

Buddy is almost 1 month post amputation and 8 days post first round of chemo and my boy could not be doing better.  A very wise woman once told me to “follow Buddy’s lead…..he doesn’t know he has cancer” and that is exactly what we are doing.

Today Buddy wanted to walk farther than ever.  I had his chariot on standby and we took many breaks.  2 of those breaks involved lots of rolling in the grass.  Buddy also just wanted to sit in the sun so that is what we did.  I really don’t think I’ve ever seen him happier and that makes my heart full.

I know the journey has just begun but I will cherish every moment we have together!

Thank you all so much for your sage advice and support.  We are thriving!!


Julie and Buddy



Screw you Cancer!!

IMG_1123 IMG_1128 IMG_1120

Dear Tripawds Family,

Today was a day of firsts.!!!

  1. Buddy sat in the passenger seat on the way to our oncology appointment.  First time in the 9+ years that we’ve been together that he has ever down that.  Caption should read “Taking Chemo Head On.”  My sweet copilot!
  2. Today was round one of 5 rounds of Cisplatin.  1st round is a lower dose than the next 4 to see how he tolerates it.  Fingers and paws crossed!  Prayers are apprecaited
  3. Our first long walk post amputation.  Buddy is part of a pack.  I could tell he’s been down because our walks are so short.  So I bought him a “CHARIOT” for when he gets tired.   We walked with the pack and when I could tell he was tired, he hopped right in his chariot!!  We walked some more, stopped at a small park and he sniffed around and rolled around on the grass for the first time since he injured his leg over a month ago.  I could tell he was he was truly happy!!!!!  I got the idea off the Triwpawds website so thank you for that!  Now I get to be that crazy lady who puts her dog in a stroller!  HAHA!  I don’t care what people think.  Buddy loved it!!!!

I can’t thank you all enough for your ongoing support and encouragement.  It means the world to me and Buddy.