Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Hoppy Howlidays!

My sweet niece just knows how much my heart misses my sweet Tripawd Angel Buddy

She insisted on creating me an anatomically correct “Buddy” for Christmas this year.

I forgot about the magic of Christmas until today.  I asked Buddy for a sign and he pretty much delivered through this very special gal Victoria.

Victoria wanted to create a stuffed dog just like Buddy.  Her mom was not sure it was a good idea but Victoria insisted.  They employed the help of Buddy’s Aunt Jeanette.   Wow.  Just WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!  Victoria did this all on her own.  She did surgery and fixed Buddy up just right. Good as new.  In the process she restored my love of Christmas.  Something that I lost.

Magic restored!!


Julie and Tripawd Alumni Warrior Angel Buddy and New Buddy