We had a scare!

Oh my goodness!

Buddy started favoring his hind leg (he’a a rear amp).  It got worse over the next day or so.   Of course my mind went to the worst care scenario.  Fast-forward – vet thinks it’s a muscle strain.  No evidence of tumor on Xray and he did run around like a maniac during our most recent snow storm.

We are Rimadyl and I bought huge area rugs to cover all of my hard wood so he doesn’t slip.  We are gonna take it easy for a week or soon.  Just potty breaks and relaxing.

I guess the worrying never stops!

Here’s my boy enjoying the snow.
The second pic is him saying “Mom, why are you crying?  I’m fine”  Oh this journey is full of ups and downs.  Buddy is so brave.  He loves his oncologist and all the staff.

Anyone else have problems with the remaining hind leg?  I started him on Glucosamine but he wouldn’t take it.  We are going to re-visit that.  Any advice is appreciated.

4Ever grateful for this community

Julie and Buddy



Author: juliedarling

Dear sweet Buddy Darling crossed the Rainbow Bridge 6 months post diagnosis of OSA. We had an amazing 10 years together and that will have to be enough until we meet again!

6 thoughts on “We had a scare!”

  1. Buddy! Stop scaring you Mom!! First, before I talk about how xute you are, I need to tell your Mom something!

    Yes! Strains, sprains, twists, etc. happen waaaay too often with Tripawds, especially frisky fellas like Buddy! Actually, it can happen without being too frisky also!

    Add the snow factor on top of everything else…yep, it happens a lot! Even the slightest slip on the snow can cause a twist to lead to a sprain.

    It’s such a fine line letting our dogs be who they are and trying to protect them…ugh! I’m sure our dogs would vote for playing full out regardless! Humans have “issues” with that though!

    As hard as it is, try and keep Buddy from being too active for several days and give the Rimadyl consistently. And yeah, that Glucosamine takes a bit of time to build up so try and bribe him with some really good yummies!

    And YAY for good xrays!!

    And now Mr. BUDDY, your pictures melt my heart as always!! And that close-up of you giving your mom the eye…THE EYE…for crying, good job! You ARE fine and will be fine for a ridiculously looooooooooooooooooooong time!!

    Rest up Buddy…and Mom too! No worries!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Yes…we had tight muscles (Shelby was also a rear amp). Now she also had other issues in the end which don’t apply here BUT massage did help loosen her leg up. The doctor told me that the quads get super tight and massage would help.

    I am a runner and I use a foam roller on my legs when my quads get tight so I considered it the same sort of thing…

    But yes, rest, rest, rest… that snow is pretty though. And I love Buddy’s face!

    Hugs and love,
    alison with spirit shelby in her heart

  3. Ohhhh love that boy! But dang Buddy, don’t scare us OK? We hope the R&R is working well.

    Julie keep in mind it’s not so much about the rear leg but about core strength. Just like us, without strong abdominals our back and bodies will not have the strength to do things, like go banannas in a snowstorm! And speaking of, snow is REALLY hard to walk in so yeah clearly that’s why he was sore.

    Be sure to check out our Gear Blog and e-book Loving Life on Three Legs for lots of tips about maintaining and building core strength, it will help tremendously.


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