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Buddy's Journey

Osteosarcoma Sucks

Buddy's Journey

Buddy’s Chariot Will Ride On!

May 21st, 2016 · 12 Comments · Uncategorized

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My heart is overflowing.  I had hoped to get Buddy’s cart to another Tripawd but the shipping cost was anywhere between $200-$400 — can you believe that?  Sorry Christine!!!

Sally hooked me up with “Live Love Hop” and low and behold I found a local taker.  Janet Lynn Jones who is a staunch volunteer for the Mia Foundation has a BiPawd.  A BIPAWD!!  Can you believe that!  Miguel was a rescue from the Dominican Republic.  He was to be euthanized but the Mia Foundation supported getting him here and Janet became a foster fail (one of many….she has like 6 dogs, 2 cats, 4 goats!).

Needless to say, I dropped off the chariot yesterday and I can’t think of a better way to honor Buddy.  The cart will be used to her her pups to fundraisers and various community events.  I had the pleasure of meeting Janet, Miguel, Itty-Bitty and Paco yesterday.  My heart hasn’t been this happy in a long time and I know that in some way my sweet Buddy’s memory will live on.

Once again, Thank you TriPawd Nation, you mean the world to me!  I’m a furever member!!

Below pics of the Chariot before and now!!



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12 Comments so far ↓

  • mom2shelby

    My heart is overflowing with love and happiness!!!! This is so great! I am so glad Buddy’s chariot and legacy will go to a much deserving pup!!! YAY!

    Hugs and love … Buddy is so proud!
    alison with spirit shelby in her heart

  • otisandtess

    What wonderful news! I am so glad that you found such a worthwhile new owner. What a great way to honor Buddy!

    • juliedarling

      Thanks so much you guys Christine and Alison. I’m missing my boy but I know he had a part in this and I do think he gives me signs and is watching over me.

  • midnighter94

    Oh, I’m just crying here! That is so wonderful! Such an amazing way to honor Buddy! <3

  • benny55

    Yeah, got the tears overflowing and an overjoyed heart going on.over here too! And the pictures…OMD!!! Melting my heart!!! MELTING IT!!!!

    Buddy had his paws all over this entire connection! Elizabeth also was hugely instrumental in linking the Mia Foundation!

    To know that Buddy’s legacy is being honored this way could not be more perfect!! 🙂 Leave it ro him ro find a two legged dog in need! I love that his Chariot is large.enough to hold several dogs and cats!

    And when I scrolled down and saw Buddy sooo happy and sooo content in his Chariot, I’m pretty sure I see a little smug smile on his face.

    And talk about.Buudy continuing to live on in a life affirming way….WOW!! Just think about how many people Buddy will continue to touch as people stop and ask about Miquel and the Chariot! Buddy’s name will be on everyone’s lips as he continues to represent his Tripawd Family!

    Yeah Buddy, you did good, real good!!!!!!!

    Bursting with pride over here!! So privileged to be on this journey with Buddy and Julie…so.privileged!

    Love.and light!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS…Without spilling the beans….is there still one more element to happen with Buddy’s Chariot?

  • juliedarling

    LOL! Yes Sally – you are correct! Janet is having a tribute patch made to put right on the front of the Chariot.
    I know Buddy had a ‘paw’ in orchestrating this but Sally – you did too! After all, you are the President of his fan club!!!!

    This journey really has changed my life – in good ways.

    Will always be grateful for the wonderful people and friends I have met along the way.

    Love you guys

    Julie & Buddy the Chariot King 🙂

  • 4myty

    This is awesome! I think I have seen that precious little dog online before. He looks quite content in his new ride. How very generous of you. What a legacy Buddy has left. Lori, Ty and Gang

  • Michelle

    Julie that is great to hear. I am glad that Buddy had a paw in this and it will be put to great use 🙂

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  • benny55

    Buddy the Chariot King!!!!

  • jerry

    WOOHOOO!!! Just now catching up and am so hoppy to hear this all worked out. YAAAY!

    Buddy’s spirit shines on 🙂

    • juliedarling

      Thanks Jerry. I’m so hoppy about the whole thing. Thanks to our wonderful Sally

      I think Buddy had a ‘paw’ or three in it!

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